Jolly Junket Ride (across to Lyndarum Wetland Path)

Full Ride 

From the usual meeting point at Uni Hill, along the M80 Ring Road Trail to Darebin Creek, up to Epping North, then across to Lyndarum Wetland Path, Wollert Transport Corridor, across to Galada Tamboore Path, up to Craigieburn, top of Mt Ridley, down to Aitken Blvd, follow that to Somerton Rd, then follow Kirkham Drive and Greenvale Drive to Greenvale Shops for rest stop at a well-known franchised cafe. Back on our bikes, we follow Greenvale Drain Path to Broadmeadows Valley Trail, to M80 Ring Road Path and back to Uni Hill.

Shorter Ride 

Big loop going through Craigieburn

Full Length: 65 Km
Difficulty: Hard
Elevation: Hilly
Path Types: Shared User Path (Concrete/Asphalt)
Residential Roads
On-Road(No Bike Lane) ≤ 60 km/h
On-Road(w/ Bike Lane) ≤ 60 km/h
Trails: Broadmeadows Valley
Craigeburn Bypass
Darebin Creek
Moonee Ponds Creek

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Ride Map