The 21 Days from Epping Ride

Full Ride

Mostly on-road but with sections of bike lanes and paths, this route starts at Epping Station and goes to Reservoir Station, where it then heads across Merri Creek to Merlynston Station and on to Glenroy Station for a cafe stop. It returns to Epping Station via the M80 Ring Road Trail, Edgars Rd and Cooper St.

Full Length:   36 Km
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation: Flat
Path Types: Shared User Path (Concrete/Asphalt)
Rail Trail
Residential Roads
On-Road(No Bike Lane) ≤ 60 km/h
On-Road(w/ Bike Lane) ≤ 80 km/h
Trails: Upfield Bike Path
Western Ring Road

Ride Map