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Some useful links listed below which will help you in Riding.

The Amy Gillett Foundation was formed to honour Amy’s memory and create a lasting legacy in her name. The aim of the foundation is to promote road safety.

Audax rides are non-competitive long distance tours by bicycle. The challenge of Audax is not in racing, but in riding at your own pace to finish within the time limit. Audax events are held in most parts of Australia, and you will be made very welcome when participating in rides when visiting other Regions.

A powerful offline map viewer for a wide variety of uses including hiking, cycling, camping, outdoor recreation and adventure traveling. Free for recreational use.

Bicycle Network is a self-funded community organisation, owned collectively by all Members. They work to build more cycling infrastructure and support behaviour change programs such as commuter and school cycling development.

Bikely shows bicycle routes mapped by other riders including distances and elevations around Melbourne and Victoria.

Australia’s social website to track aggressive magpies in your area.

This web site provides information on cycling news and race results from around the world.

Australia’s social website to track aggressive magpies in your area.

Mountain Bike Australia, as the nation’s largest mountain biking association, serves as the national governing body for mountain biking throughout Australia.

Rail Trails Australia is a national organisation which promotes the preservation of old rail corridors for alternative public uses such as cycling, horse riding and bush walking. They liaise with other groups to promote the rail trail concept, publishing a quarterly newsletter, books, brochures and maps.

Road Bike Rider provides expert advice, tips and shared knowledge to road cycling enthusiasts, from beginner to experienced rider, to help you become a better cyclist and enjoy our sport even more.

An insightful overview on the topic of road safety, including eye-opening statistics about annual road fatalities and injuries and the key behaviours that lead to the vast majority of deaths on roads and highways.

This website contains just about everything you ever wanted to know about riding and maintaining a bike.

Vic Roads provide information on the Principle Bicycle Network, Bicycle Road Rules, Design Standards for Bicycle Facilities and Bicycle Safety and Education.

Vic Roads page on bike rider safety, with statistics about crash data, safe riding tips and bicycle laws in victoria.