Lygon St Carlton (Brunetti’s Cafe) (via the Upfield Path and Zoo) Ride

Full Ride 

Starting at University Hill head West on the M80 bike path and turn Left on to the Merri Ck bike path. At Fawkner take the exit on the Right to Jukes Rd (11km from start) to Sydney Rd. Turn Right and immediately Left at Sydney Rd and cross the rail tracks at Gowrie Station.

This is now the start of the Upfield Line bike path, follow this through Coburg and Brunswick until you reach the merge with the Capitol City Trail (22km from the start) and then Royal Park Station (Zoo Station). Stay on the LHS of the railway and tram tracks and follow the path around the Zoo crossing Elliott Ave and veer Left to take the path behind the Royal Children’s Hospital until it connects with intersection of Gatehouse St and Morrah St. Take Morrah St to Royal Pde and cross to Tin Alley at Melbourne University. Travel along Tin Alley to Swanston St to the Start of Elgin St. Continue on Elgin St and turn Right at Lygon St (2nd intersection) and Brunetti’s Cake Shop can be found on your left in the middle of the block as the Cinema Nova Arcade (26km from start).

The return trip is via a Right turn at Elgin St and then a Left turn at bike friendly Canning St (3rd intersection). Take Canning St to Park St where the return can be either St Georges Rd or the Merri Ck at Rushall Station.

This map shows the return via St Georges Rd Path and Darebin Ck.

Shorter Ride 

Avoiding Lygon St Roads and Train Return Option
Ride can be shortened by skipping Lygon St and turning Left onto the Capital City Trail junction to head straight onto Park St with a possible coffee stop at St Ali North Cafe near Velo Cycles. This will shorten the ride by about 5km and avoid riding on roads in Carlton if this is an issue for some people.
The ride can be shortened even further by taking the train back at Rushall Station.

Very Short Ride Loop Option Using Car or Train to Start/Finish.
To create a very short ride loop of approximately 12km start from Rushall Station and ride along Park St to the Upfield / Capital City junction to the Zoo and around to Lygon St as described with the return via Canning St to Park St and back to Rushall Station.

Full Length: 50 Km
Shorter Length: 45/35 (Train) / 12 Km
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: Flat
Path Types: Shared User Path (Concrete/Asphalt)
Arterial Roads
Residential Roads
On-Road(w/ Bike Lane) ≤ 60 km/h
Trails: Capital City
Merri Creek
St Georges Rd
Upfield Bike Path

Ride Map

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