South Morang, Epping & Mernda Loop Ride

Full Ride

We will explore the recently concreted sections at the Northern end of the Darebin Creek path up to North Epping and then the recently ashfelted Bindts Rd. Then a few roads to Mernda for a coffee break. The return will be via the Plenty Gorge Park and some other paths and side streets

Full Length: 23 Km
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: Flat
Path Types: Shared User Path (Concrete/Asphalt)
Shared User Path (Gravel/Dirt)
Residential Roads
Country Roads
On-Road(No Bike Lane) ≤ 50 km/h
On-Road(No Bike Lane) ≤ 80 km/h
On-Road(w/ Bike Lane) ≤ 80 km/h
Trails: Darebin Creek

Ride Map