We are inviting people to attend our free hands-on bike maintenance workshop to be hosted at the Laurimar Activity Centre in Doreen on Sunday, 5th May 2024 from 12 noon to 2.30pm.

The workshop will be delivered by Cazz Clarke from “Bike it Better Cycle Coaching”. The event is organised in partnership with the City of Whittlesea.The workshop is an interactive, hands-on bike maintenance experience, which includes demonstration and explanation of bicycle maintenance essentials, and opportunities for participants to practice on their own bikes.

You will need to register to attend this event at:

The session includes:
– ABCD check: the essential safety check before every ride.
– Bike fit: how to set your seat at the correct height, and other adjustment related issues.
– Inner tube replacement: what to do when you get a flat tyre, what essentials to carry when riding.
– Puncture repair: how to use a patch-kit to patch a punctured tube (better for the environment).
– Brake adjustment: how to check and adjust your brakes, or replace brake pads as needed.
– Disc brake adjustment, care/maintenance/decontaminating, and pad replacement will be covered
– Chain replacement: what to do if your chain comes off during a ride.
– Drive-train clean and lube: how to keep clean and lube your drive-train to keep your bike running smoothly and extend the life of expensive components.
– Time for Q&A.