South Morang to Edward’s Lake Ride

Full Ride

Meeting at (9:00am) Whittlesea Council Offices traveling to the Plenty Rd bike path to Uni Hill to pickup extra riders? (9:45). Then onto the
M80 path, Merri Ck to Edwardes Lakes, coffee TBA
Maybe a couple of laps of the Bike Velodome.
Up Darebin Ck to drop the extra riders off.
Along KcKimmies Rd to Darebin Ck trail to the BMX up to Childs Rd to Morang Dr back to the start.

Full Length: 40 Approx Km
Shorter Length: 20 Approx Km
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation: Undulating
Path Types: Shared User Path (Concrete/Asphalt)
On-Road(w/ Bike Lane) ≤ 50 km/h
Trails: Darebin Creek
Merri Creek

Ride Map